Manuel Goodbye – Audrey Landers




Waiting, I’m always waiting For a smile from you, a sign that you still care

Breaking, my heart is breaking When you look at me, it seems as if you’re not really there

Hiding, I know you’re hiding Well, it’s time we just stopped living all those lies

Look, look at me I know all about her, I’m setting you free

Manuel, goodbye, I’ve got to go away Or I will change my mind and stay another day

Leaving you right now is hard for me to do Manuel, goodbye, I always will love you

Foolish, tell me I’m foolish Reassure me, love, and say it isn’t true

Rumours, tell me they’re rumours Darling, hold me tight and let me feel the love that we once knew

Empty, my arms are empty I know there’s no use in trying to pretend

Tears, only tears That’s all that is left of us and all the good years

Manuel, goodbye…. x3 >



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