Hooray Hooray It’s A Holi-Holiday – Bony M.



there´s a place I know where we should go – heydiheydihoh
won´ t you take me there your lady fair – heydiheydihoh
there´s a brook near-by the grass grows high – heydiheydihoh
where we both can hide side by side – heydiheydihoh

ref. Hooray! Hooray! It´s A Holi-Holiday
what a world of fun for everyone, holi-holiday
Hooray! Hooray! It´s A Holi-Holiday
sing a summer song, skip along, holi-holiday
it´s a holi-holiday

there´s a country fair not far from there – heydiheydihoh
on a carousel the dingdong bell – heydiheydihoh
on the loop di loop we swing and swoop – heydiheydihoh
and what else we´ll do is up to you – heydiheydihoh

Well, I´m game fun is the thing I´m after
now let´s a´live it up today get set for love and laughter
Well, let´s go time isn´t here for wasting
life is so full of sweet sweet things I´d like to do some tasting

in the country side we take a ride – heydiheydihoh
where the stars will shine lots of time – heydiheydihoh
back of your old car we might get far – heydiheydihoh
in the summerbreeze we feel at ease – heydiheydihoh

ref     it´s a holi-holiday x 2


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